Music Lessons Schedule and Fees

Private Music Lessons for piano, voice, and guitar.

Lessons are available during these times:

Mon – Fri 10:00AM – 9:00PM

Saturday 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Sunday closed


Included with private music lessons:

✓ 2 low pressure recitals each year

✓ consultations for parents on how to guide their young students

✓ online music theory software that students can use from home

✓ additional materials and instruction when needed

✓ quarterly group lessons and mini-recitals to reinforce curriculum / measure progress

✓ music lessons are taught on acoustic pianos only – no digital keyboards

✓ dedicated studio environment – without distractions

✓ annual progress reports from teachers

✓ easy 24/7 access to schedule and event info – via online portals


(For Summer lessons click here)



30-minute lessons $53.00     45-minute lessons $79.50     60-minute lessons $106.00

Annual Registration Fee $40.00 (per student)

Annual Materials Fee $49.00 (per student)

Annual Materials Fee (sibling) $29.00 – per sibling


Not sure if your child is ready for private lessons? Try this – it’s only for 6 weeks – starting in June!

Introduction to Piano             

Let the smallest fingers give it a try!

Young students learn the basics of music in a small group, dipping their toes into the musical waters. Enrollment is limited to 4 students, 4 – 6 years old. Students outside this age range will be considered by interview only. This is offered at 3:30pm Wednesdays, June 17 – July 22. No enrollment will be accepted after June 22.

Wednesday 3:30pm                 OPEN

6 weekly 30 minute classes            Tuition:  $110.00

Note: All fees must be paid by pre-authorized debit or pre-authorized credit cards at time of registration.

Auto-debit from bank account and credit card payments are only available for regular auto-charge recurring monthly fees. Credit cards are not accepted for individual in-person payments for lessons each month.  Monthly lesson fee payments are pro-rated.

Tuition fees subject to change.