Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons include acoustic, electric, and ukelele. We teach guitar lessons in a  number of styles including rock, american fingerstyle, jazz, blues, and chording. Our guitar teachers have university music degrees. They teach proper theory and technique whether a student studies rock or classical. Guitar lessons at our school are enhanced by the opportunity to perform solo in one of our recitals, or with accompaniment.

Typically a student would be 8 years old before starting guitar lessons, due to their hand size. But some younger students start with a junior sized guitar. We do recommend that younger students take a few years of piano first. A background in piano vastly accelerates the learning of any other instrument. Our private guitar lessons are one-on-one instruction, and lesson lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

We have previously been serving Skokie and the surrounding communities – such as Sauganash and Wilmette. But now that we are also online, we can teach music lessons anywhere!  We also like to get to know our students in a personal way – just like we have been doing for 28 years.  When we first meet you, we want to get to know your goals and your learning style in order to best help you.